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About Us

Company Profile

Safa Technology Ltd is a diversified company that encompass many fields in IT, product design, and fashion design as well as healthcare. The company started life as a digital marketing company specialising in developing and marketing highly specialised e-commerce sites for pharmaceutical, ISP’s and school uniforms as well as generic CMS, static and standard e-commerce websites. Along the way, Safa Technology forged partnerships with multiple businesses to grow itself as well as assist partners in supporting and growing their businesses.

The company’s board has executives are from different backgrounds who are leaders in their own fields and who have many years of success stories in their field of speciality. The core executives are designers, IT researchers and managers of large-scale IT operations.

Company Values

Understands challenges today’s businesses face in the new digital economy and transform their business into this new economy so that they become completive and thrive on strategic advantages given by Safa Technology. At Safa Technology we provide integration of clients businesses to their customers, their technology, their future and above all their innovation and building and exploiting existing strengths that companies have.

Safa Technology maps the present to give insight into the future within the context of wider social, economic and technological trends. We at Safa Technology clearly inform and inspire the development and marketing of new products and services for leapfrog jumping and leaving your competitors struggling to catch up with the exceptional services we help you build.


We have a high touch approach that involves working closely with clients at each stage of the product and services development cycle. We take the time to educate clients about the evolutionary possibilities at each stage of the process. Keeping you in the loop creates a synergy between our expertise and your needs that result in exceptional service or products that exceed expectations. We work with a global network of collaborators to understand consumers and markets


Solutions that are targeted to address both your needs and the project´s scope.


We deliver fast. Our flexible staffing model allows us to swiftly access the most appropriate talent for your project when you need them.

Unique Product and Service Development Process

Our services and product development stages are different than other suppliers. At every stage of the process, we practice wide open analysis and focused synthesis. We go outside of the box and brainstorm potential solutions that spiral off the limits of the typical problem-solving process. We take risks and explore new ideas. We resist tunnel vision by keeping ourselves wide open to the possibilities that can make your product or service unique and wonderful. These brainstorms identify new possibilities that we use to generate designs for products or services that go beyond the narrow filter of a constrained project scope. The result: ideas that our clients have never thought of, but are happy that we have. Our team speaks fluent product and service  – from positioning to convergence, from conception to prototype, from consumer to deployment or manufacturer – to create innovative insightful solutions that are better for people, as well as for business.


From service design through to product engineering to manufacturing to fulfilment, we can enter into any project phase, Project management you need support with and be immediately effective.

Company Information

Safa Technology Ltd is located at 2nd floor of Manchester Chambers 11 West Street Oldham, OL1 1LF. The company registration number is 06860502, Vat reg No ….xxxxx